Deborah Ashcraft, DMD, PC


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Deborah Ashcraft riding her horse, Madisi
Dr. Deborah Ashcraft riding
her horse, Madison.

Experienced staff members are dedicated to quality care.
Our team is picked for their keen
ability to connect with children.


Our office is dedicated to providing optimal dental care for every patient and working closely with the parent and the child to achieve this goal. We pride ourselves in helping in any way and to continue to provide the highest quality of care possible. We emphasize that children are a precious gift and an early start in regular dental care is a very important step on the road to optimal health.

Kids Are Crazy About Us!


Dr. Ashcraft is a pediatric dentist who truly believes in the prevention of dental problems and in educating families about healthy smiles for life. In treating patients, her philosophy is based on respecting children yet caring for them using age-appropriate techniques. Understanding the uniqueness of each child and identifying each family's individual needs is how Dr. Ashcraft delivers gentle dentistry and creates positive dental experiences.

Dr. Deborah A. Ashcraft attended college at Augusta State University and dental school at the Medical College of Georgia–where she also completed her pediatric dental residency. She was an Associate Professor in the pediatric dentistry department at the Medical College of Georgia.

In private practice since 1996, Dr. Ashcraft has numerous years of experience with nitrous oxide analgesia, conscious oral sedations and hospital dentistry. She is currently on staff at the Georgia Regents University Children’s Medical Center (formerly MCG) where she performs outpatient dental surgeries.

Dr. Ashcraft is married to Rodney David Ashcraft. Their family consists of horses, dogs and cats. Her hobbies include riding and showing her horses, traveling and spending time with her family.

Dr. Ashcraft is a proud member of:
• American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
• American Society of Dentistry for Children
• Southeastern Society of Dentistry of Children
• American Dental Association
• South Carolina Dental Association
• North Augusta Chamber of Commerce


Our team is picked for their keen ability to connect with children. Our office employs the most passionate, dedicated and hard-working team anywhere, and they all love children! One of our strengths is being able to communicate with and connect with your child. We will reassure them, if they are nervous; we will help them become calm, if they are scared. Whatever emotions they are feeling, we will console them. The children are provided with individualized, personalized attention. Dr. Ashcraft and her staff extend themselves in every way to make our families feel welcome.

We also offer outpatient facility services for patients that need extensive treatment, so they can have everything taken care of in one visit.

Assistants are certified to assist Dr. Ashcraft at the hospital during surgery. Assistants are also trained to monitor sedation patients and those receiving nitrous oxide analgesia. All dental assistants are certified expanded duty assistants and are certified CPR administrators. Our office complies with all OSHA regulations.

We are also very proud to have made every effort to accommodate our friends with special needs who require specific attention. Our office is a street level, free-standing building with available parking and a wheelchair ramp.  The space was built according to the American Act of Disability (ADA) guidelines.